Commercial Scale Projects

At Showersave we have worked hard to develop further our commercial waste water heat recovery system. The size of system is specified on a bespoke basis but central to its success is the tried, tested and wonderfully simple Showersave system.

Still Wonderfully Simple; the CoFlo system is likely to have a rapid return on investment and significantly reduces CO2 emissions of both existing and new projects.


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waste heat recovery

Simple and cost effective

There are 50 or so systems already installed in Europe, which are around 35-40% efficient, depending on application; realising rates of return on investment often >18%.


This can come in many shapes and sizes, from multiple shower suites in a Golf Club; to bottle washing facilities for a well-known drinks brand. Applications might include hotels, Student accommodation, Commercial scale laundries, Sport facilities including swimming pool complexes, Food processing facilities, Military, prisons and other publicly managed accommodation.



CoFlo can work alongside any form of water heating. We have partnered with  several businesses that we feel not only complement each other but also deliver tried, tested and sensible solutions to the challenges of plant room management.


These are:

Aquadron – effective disinfection and pathogen control, including legionella

OneFlow– designer and manufacturer of innovative ultrasonic flow meters allowing CoFlo systems to be monitored on a real-time basis to ensure value and deliverables are being met

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Energy saving calculator

Use the CoFlo quick calculation tool to generate a bespoke quotation for your commercial project, alternatively contact us to speak with a member of our sales team.

Quick calculation tool



Please contact us if the information you require is not available here.

CoFlo Technical overview

Vendia water park case study

CoFlo Installation references

CoFlo WRAS Certificate




The maximum incoming water flow rate which can be passed through a single Recoh-Vert heat exchanger is 12 litres/minute. The capacity of a CoFlo, consisting of a number of such tubes plumbed in parallel, can be easily calculated, and is shown in the table below. The heat recovery effectiveness of each tube length is also shown, at two different tube flow rates.



Design approach


The basic design process consists of three stages:

Determine the nominal water flow through the system

Find the number of heat exchanger tubes required, and from this select the appropriate CoFlo model.

Determine whether a waste water pump is required, and if it is select the appropriate pump model.

In practice it is likely that a designer will also wish to predict performance, both in terms of energy and financial savings. The exact method of doing this is quite complex, please contact us for further information.